Max Grundy

Max Grundy has been a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer for  the majority of his life and an art teacher for over a decade. His phobia and  hot rod theme artwork is shown throughout the world.

Conceptually, his work is based in America’s love affair with fear  and its consequential phobias. The most effective images to motivate  people and get a reaction are images of fear. Fear motivates people to  do something or stop doing something. Media uses fear tactics on a  daily basis to tell us a variety of fallacies; that germs threaten the  lives of our children, or perhaps that our social status depends on the  degree of whiteness of our teeth. The news, as well as advertising, seems  to exploit human beings’ desire for shock value. In short, FEAR IS THE  NEW BEAUTY.
Formally, he is interested in vintage poster design around WWII (sci-fi, B-movie, comic book covers and propaganda).  He admires its use of unusual perspective, limited color  palette, dramatic text and design to create maximum effect. He believes  this style has the ability to reach out and grab a viewer because of  its economical graphic quality.

His purpose in creating images of fear and phobias is an attempt to  defuse the power of fears that are used against the public by the  media.