Keven Carter

Ever since I was a young boy I wanted to grow up and own a car with fins. Since the automotive world looks to never go back down that road, I was compelled to look to the past. I have always been fascinated with old cars and vintage design elements, from packaging , advertising, to the products themselves. I’m a graduate of The Center for Creative Studies (now College of Creative Studies, CCS) in Detroit, Michigan where I received my bachelor of fine art with a focus in Animation/Graphic Design. My creative endeavors aren’t limited to Animation/Graphic Design, but rather they span from Video installations, Sound Design, Film Production, Music, Photography, , and even Painting. My focus here at is to display my visual arts of what has inspired me as a native Detroiter. My muse can be found in traditional tattoos, vintage halloween decorations, automobiles of nearly any age. I’m a self confessed junk collector and have often been seen picking through your trash and loading it into my truck.