Jack Hamilton

My old man was a gearhead from way back. He always had some sorta souped-up rig. So, I grew up reading and actually coloring in old Hot Rod and Speed Age magazines. When I was in Jr. High I thought “Big Daddy” Roth was the coolest, and I would draw “Monster” style cars on the other guys notebook covers for 25¢. I got my first recognition as an artist when my art teacher entered a drawing I had done (of what else but a Hot Rod Devil Head) in a county wide exhibit of high school artists.

Before I had my drivers license, my older brother and I got our first car(yes, we shared), a little ’30 Model ‘A’ Coupe. We tore it down to the frame made some improvements (and mistakes), but eventually got it back on the road where it provided us with many adventures and misadventures. All of this combined, lead me into a long and checkered career as an artist/designer with an on going love and interest in old Hot Rods and Customs. Over the years I’ve created art and advertising for everything from B•B guns to beer to custom wheels. At one point, while working as a freelance artist I had my studio in the old California Custom Roadsters hot rod shop in Orange, California.

I still have the original Model ‘A’ that I had in high school and am working on getting it back on the road again. Nowadays you will find me selling my line of original Hot Rod apparel, along with some of my art and photography, at many of the Rod & Custom Shows in and around the Southern California area.