Our Cars – Past and Present

1932 Ford Roadster - (SOLD. Sad, but true)

This car was originally shipped to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in ’32 as a new and complete car. It lived in that country until 2002 when it was bought by some guys in England.  They did an amateur restoration on it and then a few years later sold it to us.

  • The complete build was done By LimeWorks Speed shop in Whittier Ca.
  • Steve Dennish (562) 698-1227
  • limeworksspeedshop@msn.com

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1936 Ford 3W Coupe – AKA “The ACME COUPE”

I bought this as a completely restored car, and then proceeded to tear it apart to turn it into the early styled custom you see here.

Jeb Scolman at Jeb’s Metal and Speed in Long Beach, CA. did the complete build including all of the metal work and body modifications. Before I brought the car to Jeb I had it at another fabricator’s shop. He really screwed it up, but Jeb was able to save it by re-doing the chop and just about everything else the other guy messed up.

  • Jeb’s Metal and Speed
  • Jeb Scolman (310) 562-746-2371
  • metalandspeed@hotmail.com
  • Paint was done by Bob Cole of Cole Automotive
  • Bob Cole (714) 390-8414
  • Upholstery was done by Pete Engal of Westminster Upholstery

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1950 Ford Convertible – (Sold to a gentleman in Sweden)

This one came from Missouri. It was a museum car and was owned by a neat old gentleman that had to sell it because his knees were bad and he couldn’t use the clutch anymore. I was originally going to do a mild custom treatment to it, but when the car showed up, it was too nice to start shaving it.

Bruce Stedman (Street Machines by Stedman) did help us with a few changes. We had Jamco do a king pin to ball joint conversion. Added disc brakes, re-wired to 12 volt, changed out the steering box to a manual Volvo box, lowered the whole car about 4″ so it slides down the road.

It is still running the 1950 flathead with a mild rebuild, but someday we will change that out and go to an auto transmission so that Mrs  ACME will drive it.

  • Bruce Stedman (951) 927-0303

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1959 Chevrolet Short Bed Fleet Side – (This truck is somewhere in Michigan now)

This one was built by Bruce Stedman too (a bit of a theme here, I know).  The difference is; he built it for someone else.

That guy never used it much, and after seeing it sitting at Bruce’s getting dirty for about 6 months I asked what the deal was.  We ended up buying it and it is used as a daily driver now at ACME world HQ.

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