Interview with Michael Shoaf

Here’s #3 in our series of our contributing Artist Interviews. 

1.    How long have you been doing art?  Since before I was old enough to remember.

2.    How did you first get started? My mom has some drawings I did when I was two or three years old, and you can tell they are helicopters and airplanes, etc. I would draw on pretty much anything Mom or Dad would let me… used grocery bags, scrap wood, parts of cardboard boxes… anything.


Crowning Glory Hair Studio Displays ACME Pinstripe Sculptures

Our friend, Tammy Talbot has a cool new hair studio/art gallery in North Hollywood.  She uses Craftsman tool cabinets to store her styling gear.  The walls are covered with art (for sale).   She was kind enough to purchase two pieces of ACME Art.  Give her a call if you are in the area. 818/487-SHAG.

img_2696_edited-14             img_27112  

img_2706_edited-14              img_27142