I Had to Hop Up my Pop Up

I can’t leave anything alone.  All we needed was a stock pop up shelter; a bit of shade when we are selling T’s and art.

It was fine right out of the box; in fact this thing was really deluxe for a discount tent.  Sturdy legs, nice white top, roller bag, side curtains, what more did we need but a few tables and chairs…..and then I got to thinking about a few improvements. 

I decided that we needed some cool way of displaying each shirt so I came up with a frame to mount them in. Once I started down this road I realized that I would need a panel or something to mount them to.  So, I did a few sketches and came up with a façade to frame the opening of the tent that would also be a place to mount the frames. 

This thing is growing.

Of course you have to put a logo on a pop up so people will know who you are. The answer to that was to go up.  I added a frame around the top to hold a banner. After staring at this for a while I decided the logo really needed to be bigger so I did a cut out one and stuck it on top of the frame.

This thing is getting taller.

Now, once it was mocked up I realized that it was kind of like a big sail and all it would take is a small gust of wind and this thing was going down fast and taking the pop up with it; maybe a few unlucky bystanders too. Something was needed to make it stable.  I looked at outriggers, weights and angle braces before deciding to make a matching back frame, connecting it all with the braces at the top.

This thing is getting bigger. 

But now that it is built, how in the world am I going to set this up by myself!?  More thinking and head scratching and I came up with a few temporary leg stands that let me do it all without any help.

So here it is – ACME SPEED SHOP’S “Hopped-Up – Pop-Up”.

Let me know what you think. And if you are at the Primer Nationals on Labor Day, come and see us and give the “Pop-Up” a look over.

img_1509_edited-1     img_1533_edited-11     img_1535_edited-12     img_1705_edited-1     img_1697_edited-1     img_1708_edited-1


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