Interview with Jack Hamilton

Here’s #6  in our series of our contributing Artist Interviews. 

1. How long have you been doing art?  As long as I can remember, I have some of my old man’s “Speed Age” and “Speed Mechanics” magazines from the 1950′s that I had painted or colored in as a youngster. (more…)

Interview with Jason Cruz

Here’s #5 in our series of our contributing Artist Interviews. 

1.        How long have you been doing art?  Well, Most artists have been doing it their whole life, myself included, but I didn’t follow my passion for custom cars and bikes until 2007. I never really had a set style or focus before then. (more…)

Interview with John Bell

Here’s #4  in our series of our contributing Artist Interviews. 

1.    How long have you been doing art? I started drawing when I was 6 years old.

2.    How did you first get started?  Started drawing?  My Dad encouraged me and my brothers and I just kept at it even thought my oldest brother was the best.

3.    What was your first commercial job?   5th grade.  A school mate paid me 25 cents to draw an Impala racing a Camaro.


Interview with Michael Shoaf

Here’s #3 in our series of our contributing Artist Interviews. 

1.    How long have you been doing art?  Since before I was old enough to remember.

2.    How did you first get started? My mom has some drawings I did when I was two or three years old, and you can tell they are helicopters and airplanes, etc. I would draw on pretty much anything Mom or Dad would let me… used grocery bags, scrap wood, parts of cardboard boxes… anything.


Crowning Glory Hair Studio Displays ACME Pinstripe Sculptures

Our friend, Tammy Talbot has a cool new hair studio/art gallery in North Hollywood.  She uses Craftsman tool cabinets to store her styling gear.  The walls are covered with art (for sale).   She was kind enough to purchase two pieces of ACME Art.  Give her a call if you are in the area. 818/487-SHAG.

img_2696_edited-14             img_27112  

img_2706_edited-14              img_27142

Interview with Keven Carter

Here’s #2 in our series of our contributing Artist Interviews. 

1. How long have you been doing art?  I suppose the answer to that is I really don’t know for sure. I know that my parents put crayons and markers in my hands from the time I could close them around something. I know for sure that there was never less than a stack of paper in front of me so I could always have something to draw on. Was it all art? Hell no. It was a way to keep me out of trouble.


2. How did you first get started?  As I mentioned in Q1, I always had crayons, markers, paper and pencils around me to keep me occupied from the time I could close my hands. From there I suppose a lot of encouragement goes a long way too.


Dedicated or Crazy?

We were committed or should we “be committed”?  We had crossed our fingers that the weather reports were “exaggerated” and that the day of The Mooneyes Christmas Party we would only experience a drizzle or two.  Ooops!    Saturday morning John decided to drive the ’36 3-window to the show.  His question as to where the car leaks was answered.  He’s still drying out the carpet!

A few pin-up gals braved the wet weather and were gracious enough to have their photo taken in front of our booth.  Thank you Ladies!

img_25121                     img_2524

Even though we got soaked, we were pleased that some hardcore attendees came by our booth and bought some ACME items!   Thank you!

Chico & The Mooneyes crew really put on a great show.  It’s one of our favorites.  If you have never been, put it on your calendar for next year.


Come by and say Hello to us at the MOONEYES 2009 X-MAS PARTY SHOW & DRAG  — Saturday, December 12th!  Our ’36 3-window will be residing beside our vendor booth. 


NHRA-Hot Rod Reunion

We ventured off to Bakersfield for the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion in October.  It was fun not only to meet other vendors but to see the dragsters & funny cars.  The weather was fantastic - the crowds not as big as we’d expected.

Always fun to chat with fellow vendors – Jenny Tanner (Trophy Queen), Max Grundy & Candace, Jack Hamilton (Jack’s Graphic Station), and our new friend, Dwayne Vance (Masters of Chicken Scratch).

Primer Nationals 2009

The official launch of ACME Speed Shop was at the 2009 Primer Nationals in Ventura, CA on Labor day weekend.  We’ve been attending Primer Nationals since the beginning and we love this venue.  We also were a sponsor and made the show banner.  There were lots of really nice hot rods and customs.